Who's Maurizio Cucchiara?

Dr. Maurizio Cucchiara Dr. Maurizio Cucchiara  

  • Business and Education Consultant

  • Owner of MC2 E-Learning S.a r.l. (an european limited liability company)
  • Active in the E-Learning sector, i.e. distance formation by web;
  • Author of the 3 CBT (Computer Based Training Courses) in Italian:
"Base Course of Microsoft Access", "Understanding the PC" and "Zero Internet and E-mail", each distributed world-wide by MC2 E-Learning S.a r.l. http://www.mc2elearning.com

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Professional Experience

Business and Education Consultant                                                                        

Business management advisor
and educational freelancer in the areas of information technology and economics

While in this role, accomplished the following:

* Successfully completed projects for the Department of Internal Revenue and  Management Control.

* Carried out tasks of increasing responsibility while working as a consultant for Coman sas (an italian business consulting company).

* Acted (and still acts) as an adviser for the Branche House of Cegos (a FranklinCovey's partner) spa in Milan (Italy), nuturing meaningful relationships and furthering development.

* Provided computer-consulting services in the planning and implementation of databases for Small Business Management Control in the Emilia Romagna region.

* Facilitated developments for Personnel Administration (IRECOOP Emilia Romagna).

* Independently completed significant business projects on behalf of prestigious organizations like SAFTI-Trieste and Chirichi-Avizoo-Cesena.

1990 to 2004

Owner and Administrator MC2 E-Learning, s.r.l.

Founded MC2 E-Learning, S.a r.l., a firm that produces and distributes long-distance courses via the Internet.


Advisor of Management Direction
Cegos Italia spa (Milano)                                           

Fulfilled the role of French Business Management Consultant.


Teaching Activity

C2 E-Learning, s.r.l.

Active in the E-Learning sector (distance formation by web); authored 3 courses in Italian: Base Course of Microsoft Access, Understanding the PC and Zero Internet and E-mail, each distributed by MC2 E-Learning, s.r.l.
2004 To Present
Mark Coman (Bologna)  

Regularly held internal courses for entrepreneurs and corporate executives.


Master Degree in Business and Economics
University of Bologna, Italy

Master in Management of Business Administration (M.B.A.)  
University of Losanne, Switzerland


English (advanced), French (advanced), Italian (native language).

Dr.Maurizio Cucchiara
MC2 E-Learning S.a r.l.
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