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Why is to save energy so important nowadays? Because both of energy production increasing costs and fast acceleration of world global energy consumption

I think that every self-learner should be aware of this fact.

It's important that everybody who approaches to knowledge takes care of everyone's daily energy consumption.

Like Lester R.Brown has predicted, we are already living in a World that has reached the Oil Peaks

"Peak oil is described as the point where oil production stops rising and begins its inevitable long-term decline.

In the face of fast-growing demand, this means rising oil prices.

Few countries are planning a reduction in their use of oil. Even though peak oil may be imminent, most countries are counting on much higher oil consumption in the decades ahead, building automobile assembly plants, roads, highways, parking lots, and suburban housing developments as though cheap oil will last forever.

Some segments of the global economy will be affected more than others simply because some are more oil-intensive. Among these are the automobile, food, and airline industries. Cities and suburbs will also evolve as oil supplies tighten.

At the same time, rising oil prices will also be drawing agricultural resources into the production of fuel crops, either ethanol or biodiesel.

Higher oil prices are thus setting up competition between affluent motorists and low-income food consumers for food resources, presenting the world with a complex new ethical issue."

Quote from Lester Brown article: The World After Oil Peaks available on the net at:
g/PB2ch02_ss6_7.htm" target="_blank" >

released May 23, 2006.

Dr. Jonathan Porritt goes even further on his article: Has capitalism as we know it run out of answers? appeared on Feb 1, 2006 at :

"The way we source, produce, use and waste energy today is a direct consequence of the particular model of growth-driven capitalism that has dominated peoples' lives for the last fifty years.

In many respects, the crisis is not so much a consequence of 'things running out' (be it oil or gas, or the atmosphere's absorptive capacity), as the inevitable conclusion to a uniquely abhorrent and destructive system of wealth creation.

Of all the defining characteristics of post-World War II capitalism, the centrality of economic growth as the overarching policy objective is perhaps the most important. It has driven turnover in the global economy to a staggering US$45 trillion per annum, doubling in just 25 years, with the volume of world trade now 12 times what it was in 1945.

Hundreds of millions of people's lives have been enriched, often dramatically, in the process.

Yet as we also know, those dramatic increases in economic activity and material wellbeing have failed to solve many of the world's worst problems (particularly chronic poverty in developing countries), and have created a host of additional problems as a consequence of the environmental and social externalities.

Many of those externalities are energy-related, all the way through from local air pollution issues in both the rich and the poor world, to the global challenges of climate change."

Dr. Jonathan Porritt is Programme Director of Forum for the Future and Chairman of the UK Sustainable Development Commission.

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