How self-learning and patience can help you to absorb all the information needed to preserve your PC and to develop programs.

"Computers have lots of memory but no imagination."

Author Unknown

The first time that I've discovered a computer was in the 1982, when I was 24.

My first home computer was a Commodore 64 and in the same year I bought my first office personal computer, an Olivetti M20 (CPU: 8086 INTEL).

My first (and still) passion is to deal with operating systems, programming languages, databases and internetworking, both local and wide area, such broad-bands and public telecommunications networks.

I built my first computer program in the 1982 under DOS (Disk Operating System) in G-Basic language, one of the early 80' years common computer programming languages.

Its purpose was to capture the "data" that my colleague was inserting in the pc by a commercial payroll program that I've bought for our bookkeeping and data processing small business.

Data were located in one of the two 5'' 25 170 kilobytes floppy disk of the M20.

I was thinking that programs were to be separated from data: the program code was not accessible, while the data were ours! So I had to be able to read and to reprocessing those data on my way!

In the late 90's while my colleague (and best friend) was still processing payrolls month after month for our customers, I was studying and experimenting with hardware assembly and software development for ours office computers.

One day I finally renounced to both hardware maintenance supplier and accounting software supplier, reducing our fixed costs.

In the same time I started to give advice and counseling to our customers and to other small firms in the small business database design and development.

My passion and my patience allowed me to convert self-learning and continuing education about computer technology and telecommunications to new income sources.

I develop programs in Visual Basic, Access and ASP languages, but only for me and my organisation.

I also made experience as local internet provider for my customers, by connecting my servers to TLC companies, like Telecom Italia and Albacom (now BT Albacom) through the ISDN technology in the 1998.

In 1999 I've registered my first internet domain,, still working, and in the 2001 I started to produce my 3 self-made CBT (Computer-Based Trainings) now available on line in Italian.

During the same years 80' and 90' I achieved my economics degree, my MBA in Losanne and I acted as management business consultant for Cegos Italia.

I'm still doing upholding my 6 computers, updating all the database and software needed for my business and all the html, javascript, active server pages code for my websites.

I've reached all this Knowledge and skills by me as independent learner and self-learner, but I've decided only in the 2005 to concentrate on Information Marketing Business on the Web.

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