Self-help is the act of helping or improving yourself without relying on anyone else.

"We should regret our mistakes and learn from them, but never carry them forward into the future with us."

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Self-help is the act of helping or improving yourself without relying on anyone else.

The Internet, and the ever-expanding selection of commercial and information services it offers, is an example of movement toward self-help on a grand scale.

The concept of self-help has also found purchase, however, in more expansive genres.

For many people, self-help has become a way of saving cost especially in legal settings, with self-help services available to help with routine legal matters from filing wills to domestic processes to recording property deeds.

The connotations of the phrase often apply particularly to education, business, psychological or psychotherapeutic nostrums, purveyed through the popular genre of the "self-help" books and self-help personal development movements.

When I use this term I personally refer to self improvement and personal development concepts.

The term may also refer to

* traditional concepts of education or training,
* counselling and coaching for personal transformation,
* New Age movement and spiritual beliefs and concepts - including "inner pathways" to solve social and psychological issues,
* professional development business trainers (some treat the whole person instead of business only),
* the storyline of a particular character in a film, book or television series, detailing how they develop as a character.

Area of work


sonal development concerns with development in all of these areas

1. Research and contribution: Development in this area means that you are contributing something original to the society and to the world and to your community. You are using your potential to make a difference to the world.

2. Mental knowledge and learning: Are you learning something new each day of the week and each week of the year? Development in this area excites you and keeps your mind lubricated. You remain open to new skills and keep pushing the envelope and stretching your mind.

3. Work, career and job: Improve your knowledge in the field you work in in order to do the job you want, have the opportunities you want, etc.

4. Financial matters: Gain more wealth while working less. Money management (mortgage, real estate, market, etc) is one of the many are working on.

5. Self help, character, spirituality and emotions: Become able to control your feelings, how you see others, your perceptions of the world. Develop your true self.

6. Physical health: Learn to exercise, to be able to maintain the motivation to do so.

7. Fun and adventure: Make your life more interesting by doing things you don't do generally. Do something people don't know you for.

8. Intimate relationship: Revive the old flame between you and your partner, develop your sensitive side, the place where you listen to your partner needs.

9. Home, family and relatives: Developing home abilities such as cooking, washing, cleaning. Learn how to make your family proud of you.

10. Social circle, friends and clubs: Learn how to create/develop long lasting relationships with your friends, how to approach people you don't know, to convey the message you want to send.


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